Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. After working dead end jobs making people I’ve never met wealthy, I decided one day that it was time to create my own success . In 2008 I began my journey as an entrepreneur creating multiple businesses. Throughout the years I remained humble and I’ve always believed in myself when others didn’t. Here I am in 2021 smelling the roses and building an empire while educating and guiding other girl bosses. I am Mrs. Diya welcome to my life.

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Our cozy studios and recovery house are located in Miami and Atlanta, we have all the legal permits and we comply with each of the regulations required by the authorities. We offer the latest technology and equipment to guarantee customer safety and the success of our treatments. The health of your skin and quality recovery experience after cosmetic surgery procedure is our top priority, that’s why we always customize all of our treatments and post-op recovery care package to meet your needs. We do not promise the impossible, we fulfill the results that can be obtained according to your condition. We set realistic goals and offer progressive and safe treatment options. We will help you better understand your particular skin type and conditions, as well as how to recover, care for, maintain and balance your skin at home.


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