Become a plastic surgery recovery professional

Learn how to service BBL’s, Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentations and Liposuction as a Post Operative Care Specialist. Interested in becoming a Post Op Care Operations Owner? learn the necessary tools you need to become successful in this industry.

Schedule a Virtual or in-person consultation with Diya

This consultation call will be a Q and A session with My little Concierge CEO where you will get the opportunity to ask any question, business overview or discuss an area of your business that you want to improve or develop.

Coaching / Consulting

Now is the time to build your private care cosmetic concierge business. As a private care business mentor and strategist, My Little Consierge Service specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with starting their Private concierge business startup, staffing and training.

Recovery Owners Course

The Owners Course is designed to prepare individuals whom are Interested in becoming a Post Op Care Operations Owner the necessary tools they need to become successful in this industry. During this course you will learn how to start and operate a Post Op Care Business, recruit and manage staff, obtain clinic referrals, how to effectively market your company, create client agreements and licensing and regulation policy requirements. This Is a one day 8 hour training with first aid and cpr included.

Recovery Build Out Program

Thank you for your interest in our 10k RecoveryProgram! This program is designed for owners who are seeking to start their own Recovery Home business in Florida while living Remote.

Our program will assist you with locating a home for lease/sale, purchase within your budget all furniture and supplies for home, complete homeset up, develop website, assign marketing for 2 months, arrange medical supply shipments, provide transportation company for guest, set accommodation pricing, hire train new staff, consult with owner for 30 days after project completion, assign first guest to home for media reviews and complete full professional video once project is completed.

To get started 5k is due upfront and on the 15th day the balance is due totaling 10k. We aim for a 30 day turn around after home sourcing is complete. My calendar is limited please send us your start date and desired completion date to move forward along with deposit. Payments are accepted through Zelle 585-730-9068 My Little Concierge LLC.

Recovery Assistant Course

Learn how to service BBL, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Patients. You will learn Stages of Post Op Process for BBL, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Breast Augmentation - Taping Method - Syringe Draining - Faja Alterations - Lymphatic Massage - 9 Body Contouring Modalities

Recovery Staffing and Training Program

Your staff is the face of your business; therefore, it is imperative that your team is properly trained and understands the dynamics of your company. This service provides recovery home owners and startups in the industry with qualified recovery assistants and staff trained in clinical skills and strategies specific to recovery after cosmetic procedures, conflict resolution and customer service skills.

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