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Enjoy outstanding spa treatments in Facials, Lash Extensions, Massages, Body Treatment, Makeup, Waxing and Vaginal Steaming. Come in and select one of our Spa Packages with our top professional Aestheticians and Massage Therapists. Need a customized package?. Let Our Experts Help You Choose The perfect Treatment.

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Maintain the beauty and health of your skin. Our facial treatments include; Anti-aging Facial, Deep Pore Cleansing & Acne Clearing Facial, Calming Facial for Sensitive Skin. 

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Waxing & Threading

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back and feet.

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Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy is a safe and effective method of body contouring that does not damage the skin or tissue. Get rid of fat cells and reduce the appearance of fat target areas.

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cool sculpting

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting uses advanced cooling technology to eliminate fat cells. Cool Sculpting is FDA-approved and totally non-invasive body contouring procedure that reduces fat in targeted areas of your body with noticeable results.

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Vaginal Steaming

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is an alternative therapy that directs steam from a hot herbal tea mixture onto the vaginal area. It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle; significantly reducing the pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

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body wrap

Body Wrap

Body wraps combine therapeutic masks — herbal pastes, mineral-rich muds or soothing creams — with thermal coverings. Our body wrap treatment helps slim and tone your body. Hydrate, cleanse or heal your skin, or relax and soothe your muscles.

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